Exhibition Piece: "...JUST A QUICK ONE"

I was asked to be a part of group-exhibition 'What Happened Last Night' at the Young Henry's breweryThe theme alone seemed pretty interesting, as did the prospect of anything involving my favourite beer.

I wanted to capture the difference in humans between when they go out, and when they wake up. The showering, preparation and 'getting ready' for a night out ... versus the visual-apocalypse of a hangover. So I created a BEFORE/AFTER character. Even making pals with a cute-birdie along the way somewhere.

Process wise, I decided to try something new for this one. I sketched and drew it entirely in Photoshop. Using just plain brushes and no fancy tricks. I treated it like a canvas and built it from the ground up.

And I titled this piece "...JUST A QUICK ONE" because those nights are always the most slaughterous. This artwork is currently for sale on the brewery wall. So pop in for a delicious-frothy and check it out.