THE VOICE / NIVEA: Storyboard Artwork

In May this year, I worked with Now We Collide agency on storyboard artwork for a Nivea and The Voice TV commercial. I was sent a written version of the script, along with some photos of the (at the time unannounced) finalists and studio locations. After breaking down and deciphering the advertising-hieroglyphics, I put together the composition for nearly thirty shots, each one focusing on how the contestants would interact with the Nivea products. 

And whilst it was a lot of work with a fast turnaround, it's really satisfying to see the final result... which I've included a link to at the bottom. 

Some fun facts about me relating to deodorant:

  • I actually use Nivea deodorant, the 48 hour Silver Protect.
  • I prefer roll-on to spray. I don't know why. I just do.
  • Most mornings I attempt to throw the deodorant bottle over my shoulder and catch it behind my back. I catch it about 3 out of 10 times... but regardless, my girlfriend is never impressed by it.