GUTTERMOUTH: Australian Tour Poster 2015

So on the back of the CJ Ramone tour poster, I had another knock at my door.
This time, the Californian skate-punk beer-guzzling Guttermouth! Which is pretty rad, I remember buying their 2001 'Covered In Ants' album when I was in highschool (year 9 I think). 

Anyway, they were in need of a tour poster, I cracked out the markers and filled a page with everything I knew about the project. And in the interest of sharing (and full marks), I've shown the page so you can see how my brain works. 

As well as the tour posters, I was also super stoked to put together some limited edition Guttermouth skateboards. Sweet project, a rad tour and super stoked to have been a part of it.

Guttermouth Poster Sketch
Guttermouth Tour Poster
Guttermouth Instagram

BAD FRIDAY: Poster Artwork 2015

The rad legends at the Vic On The Park got in touch ... I love it when they touch. 
And they had an event coming up for Good Friday, called Bad Friday. Get it...?
They needed a poster. I drew a poster. And now we all have posters! Yay posters!

In the interest of being fancy, I also scanned in my project notes and sketch. 
As you can see, I usually just explode everything onto paper and spill shit everywhere. 
Really stoked with how this one came out. Badass biker skeleton... sick.

Bad Friday Poster
Bad Friday Sketch

CJ RAMONE: Australian Tour Poster 2015

I was very honoured to be able to contribute to CJ Ramone's upcoming Australian tour. 
My beat-up and battered Ramones skull is going to be used as some gigposter artwork. 
Mondo Bizarro and Brain Drain are some of my favourite Ramones albums. 
And of course not to mention his solo album Bad Chopper. 

So I was very excited. I cranked up the stereo and smashed it out. 
Here is the finished result ... and I've included the sketches from throughout the process.

CJ Ramone FB
CJ Ramone Sindy Sinn Shirt
CJ Ramone Poster Signed
CJ Ramone Sindy Sinn

GUITAR WOLF: Australian Tour Poster 2014

Man, I was super-excited when Japanese fast-paced punk n roll legends Guitar Wolf got in touch. 
With a quick brief and an even quicker deadline, we pumped up the stereo and smashed out a poster for their 2013 'Tour Magma' Australian tour. 

They brought to the brief-party an existing logo-typeface... and a colour-scheme which suited perfectly with the volcanic three-piece surf tikis. 

Overall, Guitar Wolf were amazing to work with and I'm super excited to have been a part of Guitar Wolf history. 1 2 3 4 !

Guitar Wolf Australian Tour Poster

'LEMONADE STAND' Tropfest Exhibition

I was really excited to be approached by Tropfest to be a part of their art exhibition. Artists were asked to produce an artwork based on an allocated short film. Pretty cool concept. I'm in.

My film, was Tropfest 2012's winner, Lemonade Stand. Which I was super happy about.
The film had it all; evil bad guys, smelly old socks and heaps of lemonade. Watch it!