TALENT SCOUT: Podcast Interview

In December 2016, I was interviewed by local podcast-heroes, Talent Scout. Over an hour and nine minutes, we talked about everything from how I got started, to my secret love of magic. Lovable hosts Lee and Jaime also point out the smallness of the art-world in Sydney.

I reveal the reasoning for my "French rival" and how to went from a shitty day-job to a full-time artist.
And how I balance my workload and the level of expectation I put on myself. 

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on their site.

SPEED DRAWING: Whiskey Rubber Shirt Design

Whiskey Rubber is a company in Canada who make and sell high quality clothing and parts for Harley Davidsons and motorcycles. So obviously when they asked if I wanted to design a shirt for them, I was stoked. 

To make things more interesting, I recorded my computer screen during the process of drawing the shirt. You can see (at hyper-speed) each step of putting it together. 

Buy the shirt here: www.whiskeyrubber.com