"Be downstairs at the brewery at 10:30am. We're gonna get some photos of you."

This happens from time to time.
Photos of some kind of new beer, or a new shirt... "sure, see you there".
Low and behold, good buddy Tom Wilkinson had set up a photoshoot in the brewery, with myself alongside Ginger Taylor and Scotty Dubya. The artists behind Young Henrys

"'re gonna be featured in Virgin Magazine".

Haha. Amazing. Virgin Magazine. My brain flooded with jokes as if a dam had exploded. This was my first time in Virgin Magazine. Should I be nervous? Was this going to hurt? Was this the right magazine for me? And so on and so forth.

So the three of us sat there, talking shit having a couple of breakfast tinnies while Tom snapped away. From memory, I recall we swapped a series of fucked up jokes and I went on to explain that I'd recently replaced all of my coat-hangers (a remarkably uninteresting story). Although the reason for it was that the metal ones take up less space on the rail and mean I can hang more shirts in my wardrobe, So, slightly educational. And I've somehow told this story a second time... I'll never learn.

Scott Dubya Williams. Sindy Sinn (me) and Ginger Taylor. Photo by Tom WIlkinson at the Young Henrys brewery.

Scott Dubya Williams. Sindy Sinn (me) and Ginger Taylor. Photo by Tom WIlkinson at the Young Henrys brewery.


Next thing you know I'm coming home from a weekend of work in Melbourne. Tired. Bleary-eyed.
Flipping through the pages of Virgin Airline's in-flight magazine (aptly titled Voyeur).

Found it. Bloody found it. There we are. Page 102.
Smiling and joking around about coat-hangers and how to explain to our pals that Virgin Magazine isn't what it sounds like.

Photo from June 3rd 2018, flying home from a work trip to Melbourne. 

Photo from June 3rd 2018, flying home from a work trip to Melbourne. 


I was approached by local art and lifestyle magazine HHHappy Mag,
They wanted to do a feature on me, my artwork and my process.
So I said YEAH and answered some questions.

You can read this article online here:

Otherwise I've copied a couple of the questions below.

This article and more are available in print in Happy Mag Issue 7.
Grab your copy here.

BATHER: Boardshort Pattern Design

I was asked by the legends at BATHER how I'd feel about collaborating with them on some limited edition boardies for summer. As some will know, I fucking love summer and I abso-fucking-lutely wanted to work with them on producing some rad shorties. They came had a couple beers with me at the studio and we talked about shorts, repeat-patterns and the physics of how beach-sand can literally make it's way anywhere.

We worked on two colour-ways, each with a different pattern.
A black pair with a prison theme. Skulls, shanks and traditional jail-tatts.
And a blue pair, which had a more simplified skull and shank pattern. 

BATHER - ALT-2 [PSD].jpg
sindy sinn general pants co boardies
sindy sinn repeat pattern bather

I got my hands on a pair of each and they're great shorts. They've done a really nice job with the print and the material. And it was really fun working on my first repeat pattern. I'd love to try more now that I've got my head around it.

They're currently available from General Pants Co. And as Australian summer is coming to an end, they've only got a few left in each size. So a good time for international-folks to grab them as the rest of the world heats up. Here's the links:

Black pair:
And the blue pair:

And if you wanna check out the rest of the BATHER range, jump over to their website.