AUDIO TECHNICA: Turntable Timelapse Video

On the 18th of January 2018, I hand-painted a AT-LP120-USB turntable for Audio Technica. And I was joined by the talented Ryan Sauer, who made a time-lapse of the process. The song used is an instrumental mix of HOLE IN THE HEAD (by my band The Persian Drugs).

We started by spray-painting the whole thing black, then lightly pencil-sketching the design onto it. From there I filled in the orange, the yellow and then the white. All the while drinking sneaky-tinnys. Which in the video you can see I've spray painted each one black, haha. By the end of the video I've accrued a small pile of crushed black tinnys.

The design was based off the artwork for the 2018 Record Store Day slipmats. And I've attached the concept for the turntable below. I'll post some photos of the slipmats and Record Store Day murals soon.

Behind the scenes as Ryan and Rhys nail the final shots. Filmed at Studio Two in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Behind the scenes as Ryan and Rhys nail the final shots.
Filmed at Studio Two in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Directed, filmed & edited - Ryan Sauer.
Timelapses - Rhys Newling.

TALENT SCOUT: Podcast Interview

In December 2016, I was interviewed by local podcast-heroes, Talent Scout. Over an hour and nine minutes, we talked about everything from how I got started, to my secret love of magic. Lovable hosts Lee and Jaime also point out the smallness of the art-world in Sydney.

I reveal the reasoning for my "French rival" and how to went from a shitty day-job to a full-time artist.
And how I balance my workload and the level of expectation I put on myself. 

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on their site.

AIN'T THAT SWELL: Skeleton Hand Illustration

I was recently approached by a good friend of mine Mitch (who owns the coffee-shop Silver Bean in Newtown) about doing a t-shirt illustration. He needed a shaka'ing skeleton hand, with the text 'AIN'T THAT SWELL'. 
"Sure..." I thought. "...we can do that". 

So I spent a while looking at my hand, analyzing the mechanics of a shaka. 
And then I sketched up some skeleton hands, and made the whole thing fit together.


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