In early 2017 I collaborated with No Cure Magazine, an Australian independent magazine focusing on street art, design, music and creative culture. We have a subscription here at the studio... it's a fucking great magazine. And to be asked to contribute directly to the brand was a massive honor. 

I played with the idea of "The blind leading the blind" and how art is so often inspired by other art, inspired by other art, inspired by other art and so on. How we often look to artists for style-guidance, when they're perhaps lost themselves. The 'follow culture' of modern art.

You can buy the shirt from here:

The shirt is below, stunning modelled by fellow-artist Mike Watt.
Photographed by boy-wonder Billy Zammit.

BROKE N STOKED: Canadian Apparel Collaboration

In May 2017 I was asked to contribute some artwork to rad Canadian brand BROKE AND STOKED. The rules were simple... something party-orientated in black and white. And thus the BUZZKILL party-tinny was born, in honour of everyone who's ever shotgunned a beer.

They also included the shirt in some of their 2017 Lookbooks (which have always been fucking rad). If you a fan of dude-art... go check out and follow their amazing brand,

You can buy BUZZKILL at:

THE VOICE / NIVEA: Storyboard Artwork

In May this year, I worked with Now We Collide agency on storyboard artwork for a Nivea and The Voice TV commercial. I was sent a written version of the script, along with some photos of the (at the time unannounced) finalists and studio locations. After breaking down and deciphering the advertising-hieroglyphics, I put together the composition for nearly thirty shots, each one focusing on how the contestants would interact with the Nivea products. 

And whilst it was a lot of work with a fast turnaround, it's really satisfying to see the final result... which I've included a link to at the bottom. 

Some fun facts about me relating to deodorant:

  • I actually use Nivea deodorant, the 48 hour Silver Protect.
  • I prefer roll-on to spray. I don't know why. I just do.
  • Most mornings I attempt to throw the deodorant bottle over my shoulder and catch it behind my back. I catch it about 3 out of 10 times... but regardless, my girlfriend is never impressed by it. 

CJ RAMONE: Australian Tour Poster 2015

I was very honoured to be able to contribute to CJ Ramone's upcoming Australian tour. 
My beat-up and battered Ramones skull is going to be used as some gigposter artwork. 
Mondo Bizarro and Brain Drain are some of my favourite Ramones albums. 
And of course not to mention his solo album Bad Chopper. 

So I was very excited. I cranked up the stereo and smashed it out. 
Here is the finished result ... and I've included the sketches from throughout the process.

CJ Ramone FB
CJ Ramone Sindy Sinn Shirt
CJ Ramone Poster Signed
CJ Ramone Sindy Sinn