In early 2017 I collaborated with No Cure Magazine, an Australian independent magazine focusing on street art, design, music and creative culture. We have a subscription here at the studio... it's a fucking great magazine. And to be asked to contribute directly to the brand was a massive honor. 

I played with the idea of "The blind leading the blind" and how art is so often inspired by other art, inspired by other art, inspired by other art and so on. How we often look to artists for style-guidance, when they're perhaps lost themselves. The 'follow culture' of modern art.

You can buy the shirt from here:

The shirt is below, stunning modelled by fellow-artist Mike Watt.
Photographed by boy-wonder Billy Zammit.

SPEED DRAWING: Whiskey Rubber Shirt Design

Whiskey Rubber is a company in Canada who make and sell high quality clothing and parts for Harley Davidsons and motorcycles. So obviously when they asked if I wanted to design a shirt for them, I was stoked. 

To make things more interesting, I recorded my computer screen during the process of drawing the shirt. You can see (at hyper-speed) each step of putting it together. 

Buy the shirt here: