Last weekend I had a flash-sale, exclusively from my online store.
Hand-printed A2 Grim Reaper Screenprints, for $25 ... with free postage.
I don't know what I was thinking. I must have been nuts!

The sale has ended now, but I still have stuff for sale in my store.
Thank you everyone who bought a poster, you guys rule! 


GUTTERMOUTH - Australian Tour Poster 

So on the back of the CJ Ramone tour poster, I had another knock at my door.
This time, the Californian skate-punk beer-guzzling Guttermouth!

In need of a tour poster, I cracked out the 2B's and throw together a party punk!
And in the interest of sharing (and full marks), I've shown my working. 


BAD FRIDAY - Vic On The Park Poster 

The rad legends at the Vic On The Park got in touch ... I love it when they touch. 
And they've got an event coming up for Good Friday, called Bad Friday. Get it...?
They needed a poster. I drew a poster. And now we all have posters! Yay posters!

In the interest of being fancy, I also scanned in my project notes and sketch. 
As you can see, I usually just explode everything onto paper and spill shit everywhere. 
And when I open my eyes a poster falls out. Really stoked with how this one came out.

CJ RAMONE - Australian Tour Poster 

I was very honoured to be able to contribute to CJ Ramone's upcoming Australian tour. 
My beat-up and battered Ramones skull is going to be used as some gigposter artwork. 
Mondo Bizarro and Brain Drain are some of my favourite Ramones albums. 
And of course not to mention his solo album Bad Chopper. 

So I was very excited. I cranked up the stereo and smashed it out. 
Here is the finished result ... and I've included the sketches from throughout the process.



My (incredibly) beautiful girlfriend Beth recently went away on a holiday with her gal-pals to Albania.
I stayed home, chained to my desk, as always ... drawing the usual batches of skulls and monsters.
And every now and again, my phone would buzz... a message from Beth! "Woohoo!"

The photos were amazing and made me incredibly jealous. 
Sunsets, nice beaches, cocktails, blue water, cocktails, sunsets, cocktails, sunsets... and cocktails.

On one particular photo, I spontaneously and very quickly replied. "Be careful babe..."
"...there have been reportings lately of Albanian cocktail monsters snatching drinks from tourists!"

And sent through the following edited photo. Ha... nailed it!

'WHACKIE JACKIE' - Jackie Onassis Exhibition 

My 'WHACKIE JACKIE' artwork for the Jackie Onassis exhibition at the Young Henry's Brewery.
This artwork will be alongside the likes of Mike Watt, The Dirt, Skulk and Glenno. 

I couldn't resist the urge to make it a little bit silly. You know, spice up the old girl.
Drawn entirely in Photoshop. Giclee printed at 16 x 24' and framed.


Holy f*ck, I was honoured to draw a tour poster for German thrash metal band KREATOR.
They've been around for 30 odd years, ripping venues apart and putting out thirteen killer albums.
Of which, 'Outcast' is a regular in my studio ... it's what goes on when shit needs to get done. 

So I took what I knew about Kreator, and put together the three-eyed evil horned beast.
I wanted to find a happy-place between brutal death-metal art and classic 80's skate-thrash. 
And I'm really happy with how strong and bold the final design has wound up. 

The church-burning result was screenprinted at Aisle6ix Industries
A two-colour A2 hand-pulled screen print, each individually numbered and signed. 
They will be for sale at all Australian shows for $30 from the merch desk... f*cking buy one.



I was asked to be a part of group-exhibition 'What Happened Last Night' at the Young Henry's brewery
The theme alone seemed pretty interesting, as did the prospect of anything involving my favourite beer.

I wanted to capture the difference in humans between when they go out, and when they wake up. 
The showering, preparation and 'getting ready' for a night out ... versus the visual-apocalypse of a hangover.
So I created a BEFORE/AFTER character. Even making pals with a cute-birdie along the way somewhere.

Process wise, I decided to try something new for this one. I sketched and drew it entirely in Photoshop.
Using just plain brushes and no fancy tricks. I treated it like a canvas and built it from the ground up.

And I titled this piece "...JUST A QUICK ONE" because those nights are always the most slaughterous. 
This artwork is currently for sale on the brewery wall. So pop in for a delicious-frothy and check it out. 


So I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pack of Staedtler pens and pencils. 
And I was asked if I could put pen to paper on some drip-infested pen-loving artwork for them.
I've always loved the Staedtler range ... especially the heavy-duty fine liners they produce.

My process for this was simple.
  • I started by sketching onto a thick slice of A3 paper, with an HB pencil.
  • As I find shapes I like, I thicken them up with the 2B and 4B pencil. 
  • I then erase most of my line-work ... leaving just a vague-suggestion of form.
  • Then, with the fattest of black markers, I trace up my main outline of the character.
  • At this stage, I scan the artwork at a high-resolution. So I can come back to it later.
    Because I like to be able to later use the simple and fat outlines later. 
  • Then I'll shade the artwork with pencils. The darker the better... gimme that 8B.
  • Once that's done, I erase anywhere that I want highlights to shine through.
    And again, at this stage I scan my progress so I can use it later if needed. 
  • Then I go mental. Dark shading, textures and marks all over everything. 
    And again, I scan it so I can use these textures subtlely at a later / digital stage.
And so here it is, my finished artwork for the fine men and women of Staedtler.
Visual proof that Staedtler makes wonderful, yummy and delicious pens and pencils.



Wow. Ok, holy shit. I was asked to illustrate posters for The Misfits Australian tour.
As a life-long fan of The Misfits, it was an absolute honour to contribute artwork to their tour.

It was super-rad getting to put my own whacky spin on the globally recognised, Crimson Ghost.
To make things more exciting, Aisle6ix and I are screenprinting some limited edition posters.
The three hundred hand-numbered and signed prints, will be for sale at each show.
Any remaining posters will be available for sale online after the tour has finished.

And, as with any exciting artwork, I have process videos and sketches on the way.


I was recently approached by Street Machine's Hot Rod Magazine... about being a feature artist.
Excited to be part of such a rad magazine, I immediately got working on something new for them.
The eight page interview covers everything from my history and mostly my involvement with bike-builders.

I also did some needed editorial illustrations for other articles in the mag... I basically took over this issue.
The icing on the cake was the t-shirt design I did specifically for Hot Rod Magazine. Check it out. 


GUITAR WOLF: Australian Tour Poster 

Man, I was super-excited when Japanese fast-paced punk n roll legends Guitar Wolf got in touch. 
With a quick brief and a quicker deadline, we smashe out a poster for their 2013 'Tour Magma' Australian tour. 
They were really great to work with and I'm super excited to have been a part of Guitar Wolf history. 1 2 3 4 !

'SPEEDFREAK' helmet for Harley Davidson Exhibition 

I was approached by Harley Davidson to customise one of their new helmets for an exhibition.
Super excited to be onboard, I went about creating my final piece... known as 'SPEEDFREAK'.

Taking an eight-ball I stole from a pub, I hit up my pals at Bad Garage
We hand-fabricated a nifty little gear-shifter, hanging out the side of the helemet.
I then hand-painted grim reapers and hairy-gentlemen, using a kinda mohawk shape.

The concept behind my helmet, was that this is the helmet of a thrill-seeking daredevil.
Not meant to be dark or morbid, instead looking at death as a challenge. 

The exhibition was held at my favourite bar Mary's. 
We sat under my giant Hail Mary mural and drank Young Henry's all night. Booyah!

'STUFF THAT SUCKS' for typography exhibition 

I've been really fortunate this past year, to be involved in lots of really fun group shows.
It's always a good opportunity to try drawing new things and gets me out of the house for a beer.
This time round it was the group show 'IN TYPE WE TRUST', a typography exhibition at Black Penny.

I like to keep lists of cool ideas, funny stuff I imagine and weird quotes that I overhear throughout the day.
So when it came time to draw up some text, I turned to the list for help and picked what I felt like drawing. 
And the result was my 'STUFF THAT SUCKS' piece, which I giclee printed and framed for the show.

A weekend in Canberra. 

Over the Halloween weekend this year, my bestest buddy Mike Watt and I hit Canberra.
We were heading down to paint a massive mural on the walls of the Lonsdale Street Traders. 
In particular, a fine store called Dirty Laundry... (which you should checkout if you're in town).
The theme for the mural was Predator Vs Prey and had six fun-time dudes involved.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the fine lads of Beach Burrito Company Canberra.
Face painting on Thursday night, art-battling on Friday night and mural after-partying on Saturday night.
All in all, it was a massive and productive weekend and I can't wait to get back down there.


DEADBEAT MAGAZINE: Fuel Injected Madness 

Deadbeat Magazine is an Australian made glossy, that features hot rods, pin-ups, music, tattoos and art.
And I'm seriously excited to be the feature artist in the latest issue (Issue 27).

There's four pages of interview, peppered with images of my artwork ... including a custom design.
And The Mad Scientist was an illustration I did especially for the greasy-handed boys of Deadbeat.

Massive thanks goes out to Deadbeat ... treat yourself right and get your hands on the latest issue. 



Lately I've been priviledged to be a part of some really amazing group exhibitions.
As some may know, I'm part of a group known as the LA DIVISION ... a really tight network of art-fiends.

'WASHED OUT' was an exhibition put on the 22nd of August at The Standard (Oxford Street, Sydney).
Each artist put in a themed piece based around a washed up superhero ... the second to be an original.
So playing to this, I drew up two scenes that match up with each other. The superhero and the villain.
The pieces are appropriately titled 'WE'RE DOOMED' and 'SAVE THE BEER'

The third image below is for a Darlinghurst exhibition called RAT.
My piece is titled 'TAKING THE MICKEY' and I'm hoping people don't find it too hard to swallow. 
Was close to calling this piece 'WE ALL SCREAM FOR MICE-CREAM' but I resisted temptation.
The RAT exhibition was held at 115 William St Darlinghurst ... on Friday the 30th of August.

The fourth image below is my submission in the Young Henry's BILL MURRAYTHON.
Young Henry's is a Newtown based beer brewery, who make some of the best dam beer in town.
And as a part of Sydney Fringe Festival ... held the Bill Murraython. An entire month of Bill on the walls.
My piece is titled 'GHOST?' and shows him as Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters. Classic Bill.

All four prints are B2 sized giclee prints, framed and will be for sale from my website shortly.

The Work Shop: Gigposter Illustration Course 

On Wednesday the 18th of September, I'll be teaching a class in Gigposter Illustration. 
Taking place at The Work Shop at 6:30pm ... 86 Broadway, Chippendale (Sydney).

I'll be covering everything that you'll need to know about getting into Gigposter Illustration.
A course purpose built for illustrators and creators to become a successful gigposter illustrator.
Also the ideal course for people in bands who want to stand out from the crowd with better posters/

The Drum Media (Sydney street-press) did a feature article on the upcoming course.
And we talked a little about my life as an illustrator and the process behind gigposters.

Tickets available from: www.work-shop.com.au/course/gig-poster-illustration-with-sindy-sinn




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